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The importance of a great relationship with your stockists

How well do your stockists represent your brand image?

You have an amazing brand with a fantastic story, you then sell your stock to a 3rd party and what happens next?  It can be difficult to keep track of what is happening when your stock reaches your wholesale customer and you may feel that you have little control anyway.

They may own the stock, but they are still representing your brand on a daily basis. Every time a customer sees your product or asks a question about your product in a store, there is a massive opportunity to create brand loyalty and consistency.

How can you do this you may be thinking, well EK Visuals has gained some insight into this. 

Educate, engage and communicate.

These 3 simple words can have such a massive impact on how your brand in seen across all channels.  Imagine if all those selling the brand had the skills and tools needed to be brand ambassadors?

As all retail professionals are aware the retail arena is struggling due to the age of multi channel shopping and ever increasing business rates, this in turn leads to retailers needing to increase the amount of revenue taken per sq foot of store space. 

As retailers with a brick and mortar presence we now have to, more than ever, give our customers an experience that can not be recreated through the online platform.  Just selling your product on to a shop and hoping for the best is no longer sufficient to create and maintain key accounts that will continue to buy your product season after season.

Those selling your brand need to love it as much as you do! When that happens they will be open to merchandising advice, product knowledge and brand information delivered in whatever format best suits your business’s. 

Brand and product knowledge+ communication with your stockists=

  • Brand Awareness and Consistency
  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Loyal key accounts that buy season after season

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