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Why Visual Merchandising matters more than ever in 2020

A major question for retailers in the current digital led environment is how do I get customers to visit my store rather than make a purchase online?

In a retail world which is becoming dominated by online shopping, it is important to keep on top of current trends in order to stay ahead of the curve and of course, ahead of your online competition.

The major benefit that brick and mortar retail has on e-commerce is the experience that brands can offer. Through sight, touch and smell, you can give your customers an experience that cannot be created online.  It is your brands canvass to reflect your customers values and an opportunity for conscious story telling.  It offers the perfect platform to create brand loyalty.

Retailers should also not be scared of competing with online, as realistically online shopping is always going to have a dominant presence moving forward.  In this modern era, shops are now just a mere facet of a retailer’s brand experience – rather than the only point of contact with customers. If anything, shops are increasingly becoming showrooms – which caters to the growing trend of the online merging with the physical.  55% of customers visit a store to touch and feel the products before purchasing the product online.  Also many retailers find that when a company closes physical locations that it also impacts online sales!  The term ‘harmonised retail’ has been coined and moving forward it is clear that brick and mortar and ecommerce should not be in competition, but be working together and complementing one another’s assets to promote a brand.

This is now the key to a successful physical retail presence in 2020!  Entice customers by offering them a visual feast of experiences that they won’t get by sitting on the laptop.

The impact of visual merchandising on a customer is immediate – and this is why effective visuals are a necessity in physical retail. Visual merchandising presents a retailer’s physical store in an enticing way to attract customers. Yet the objective isn’t just to look alluring – it’s to fuel retail purchases.

In our age of digital and social media, visuals matter because:

  • The average person’s attention span is 8 seconds or less
  • 65% of individuals say they’re visual learners
  • Visuals increase message retention by 42%

Today, visual merchandising blends artistry and science, helping retailers get their message across faster and with greater impact.

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